Orbital welding

MORE Industrial Support is a specialist in orbital and stainless steel TIG welding. We carry out the welding work on location so that your business process is disrupted as little as possible. If it’s required, we will work in 24/7-shifts.

Why orbital welding?

Orbital welding is a welding process in which pipe joints are made by an automated TIG welding process. Orbital welding is done in a straight path around a pipe. Orbital welding is very suitable for pipes. The quality of this welding process is very high: the internal glass seam is smooth. This contributes to safety and hygiene. This is particularly important for the food and pharmaceutical industry. Orbital welding is used for welds that are accurate and yet must be made quickly. In addition to saving time, it also provides continuity in the quality of the welded products, as it is a mechanized welding process.

The professionals of MORE Industrial Support BV are certified TIG welders. By means of orbital welding, we provide high-quality pipe connections with perfect penetration and an internally smooth weld seam. The quality of the welds is very high and the weld through is perfect.

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