Whether it concerns adapting an existing process, partially renewing a process or setting up a completely new process; MORE Industrial Support thinks along from start to finish. We specialize in the development of process installations, piping systems, skid construction, machine construction and process improvement.

Collaboration with Rhino Engineering BV

MORE Industrial Support BV works closely with the trusted engineering firm Rhino Engineering BV. Knowledge, practice and theory come together. The collaboration enables us to design, test and ultimately build the product you want. Rhino Engineering BV has a lot of affinity and experience with the food processing and manufacturing industry. Your product meets all specific requirements and that makes it unique.

Our collaboration has resulted in the design and realization of a skewer machine, washing installations, brush washers, curved belts, conveyor belts, blood gutters, platforms, mobile tilters, trolleys, tables, stairs, and so on.

Experienced engineers

The skilled enigineers of More Industrial Support all have a lot of knowledge and practical experience. Every project starts with understanding the question. We advise you every step of the way and develop your product from drawing table until the final product. In case of potential problems, we will immediately anticipate and advise on the best solution.

From drawing board to assembly

We work out the proposals in good designs with a clear cost overview.
If the proposed design is approved, we will start developing the construction and will assembly on site. We work quick and professionally so that your production process will not be stopped too long.

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