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Development of a manifold for a filling machine

A customer of ours has installed a new filling machine and came to us with the question whether we could think along about the supply lines.

Together with our customer's engineering department, we have designed a manifold that meets all of our customer's requirements. Consider, for example, various pigg stations that are installed on the manifold with matching piggable piping, the correct radius bends and of course orbital welded. All fittings are sanitary and all supply valves above the manifold are double block & bleed. During the engineering, careful attention was also paid to the correct way to block various parts so that loto and / or safety procedures are always easy to apply, especially because several flammable or explosive products are used. Because the new manifold was placed as a skid in a new location above the filling machine, we were able to place all the new piping as much as possible during production and we needed minimal down-time for ty-inns. MORE Industrial Support is proud that, in collaboration with our customer, we have been able to deliver a particularly beautiful installation that meets all requirements and is certainly future-oriented.

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