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More Industrial Support

MORE Industrial Support BV assembles, installs, (dis)assembles and overhauls industrial stainless steel installations and steel and stainless steel piping at companies throughout Europe. We provide the knowledge and capacity required to get a production line up and running again as quickly as possible.
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We help the client from design to realization. We carry out your order from A to Z. In addition, MORE Industrial Support BV designs and realizes machines for industrial processes. Together with skilled engineers, we design installations based on the client's specifications. We also test them of course. In order to disrupt the production process as little as possible, we produce as many parts as possible in advance and assemble them on site.

In addition to delivering quality, customer satisfaction and trust are our priority.
MORE Industrial Support BV stands for flexibility, speed, professionalism, expertise and personal attention.

Orbital welding

Orbital welding is extremely suitable for welding pipes. We provide high-quality pipe connections with perfect penetration and an internally smooth weld seam.


Advice, design, development, installation and connection of industrial stainless
steel installations.
Our professionals
carry out projects turnkey.


Certified pipework for the transport of gas, water, air, steam or (chemical) liquids. This can be a modification of an existing system or
the renewal of a

Revision and maintenance

Maintenance and overhaul of existing installations and transport systems without your process being down for an unnecessarily long time. We check moving parts, maintain, overhaul and replace them if necessary.


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Expansion of powder processing capacity

We were asked to contribute ideas about expanding installation work in a factory. It was very important that this expansion did not affect the ongoing production process and that no production loss would occur.

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Customer reviews

We have already received much appreciation from our customers.

About us

The professionals at MORE Industrial Support are certified and work with passion. We are a flexible team with entrepreneurial mentality. We work in 24/7 shifts at request. Our expertise lies in the field of orbital and stainless steel TIG welding and the execution of industrial projects. We provide solid advice and engineer, build and maintain piping and systems. Your process is interrupted as little as possible.